Whitinger & Company LLC

Whitinger & Company LLC is a leader in meeting the accounting, tax and advisory needs of our clients for more than 85 years.  We are progressive in providing value beyond the numbers for our business, individual and non-profit clients. Our longevity and growth can be attributed to Expertise, Ethics & Commitment! We hire the best and brightest and provide them with the tools and training needed to develop to their greatest potential. While aggressively representing the best interests of our clients we never compromise our professional standards and code of ethics. We are committed to providing our clients with the personal service they need in order to succeed in a competitive environment.


Whitinger Strategic Services LLC is a business development firm that offers a variety of consulting services to help organizations grow in effectiveness, both internally and in the marketplace. Backed by a strong portfolio of business development experience, Whitinger Strategic Services strives to provide organizations with the insight to understand the reasoning, purpose, and desired outcomes of each crucial decision before they are made. We specialize in Strategic Planning, Brand Management and Organizational Alignment.


Whitinger Financial Advisors LLC provides investment management and planning services. We customize each recommendation and suggest specific investments using sound principles including Diversification, Tax Efficiency and Total Portfolio Coordination. Our independence and objectivity allow us to have the freedom to seek a myriad of resources and services that are far different from the typical retail broker. We tie your investment management strategies together with your tax management goals to maximize your overall return.